The Kenya Power Pension Fund (The Fund)’s Customer Service Charter is a statement of our commitment to provide our customers with quality services and standards by which we can measure our performance.
It also provides our employees with clear guidelines to endeavour for in service excellence and to achieve the Fund’s Vision and Mission as identified in our Strategic Plan.


1. Integrity

We undertake to always act morally and ethically. We will consistently demonstrate a high degree of probity in dealing with our stakeholders.


2. Accountability

We are answerable to our stakeholders and the public for our actions, decisions, and policies including their administration, governance and implementation.


3. Courtesy

We give due respect to all the people we deal with and serve in a considerate manner.


4. Efficiency

We are guided by operational excellence, team spirit, cost saving measures and quality assurance in our services.


5. Stewardship

We are dedicated to serving our customers faithfully and ensuring that the assets entrusted to us are safeguarded.


6. Innovation

We are committed to continuously learn and improve on our services to provide unique solutions to our members and other stakeholders.


We have endeavoured to align our processes and principles best practices customer service.

Key Principles

a. Organizational Culture
The Fund’s value system and ways of dealing with our customers is entrenched in our culture and is geared towards instilling confidence that our customers are fairly treated.

b. Products and Services
All products and services provided by the Fund are determined in accordance with the law and are designed to meet the specific needs of distinct member groups who include in-servicing members, pensioners, beneficiaries (widow(er)s/orphans) and property customers

c. Clear and Appropriate information
Members have certain rights to information. The Fund continually makes efforts to ensure clear information is given to customers before, during, and after processes while engaging with customers and keeping them appropriately informed at all stages.

d. Customer Advice
The Fund will provide suitable advice periodically to all customers and members in order to ensure they access the best retirement arrangements and the benefits while considering specific circumstances in which advice is sought.

e. Performance & Expectations
The Fund works to ensure that the products and services provided to customers are as promised, they are of an acceptable standard of what the customers have been led to expect, and are offered at a reasonable cost.

f. Benefits Payment and Complaints Management
The Fund has put in place a framework of performance management and documented processes that ensure timely, accurate payment of benefits and complaints management by using various methods of gathering and analyzing customers feedback, including the process of filing complaints with the Retirement Benefits Authority. Customers will not encounter barriers while raising complaints or opting for other products or exit to other pension funds/retirement schemes.

Additionally, the Fund further commits to act with;

Responsiveness – prompt response based on accuracy, service targets and timelines
Quality Services – excellent services tailored to customer needs and good customer experience and high
level of standards that we have set
Confidentiality – we have systems in place to ensure confidential information is protected
Professionalism – treating all customers/members with honesty, fairness, accountability and integrity
Transparency – openness and transparent about our processes, communication channels and availing
information as requested.

In general, we will

• Respect our customers
• Provide prompt, friendly, courteous and efficient customer service and always remain professional.
• Take ownership of enquiries, follow-up and keep our customers informed of progress to completion.
• Be realistic about what we can do and in what time frames.
• Provide accurate and consistent information
• Show respect for privacy in our dealings and the confidentiality of information discussed
• Strive to provide excellent customer service through continuous improvement, customer surveys
and identification of new technologies to assist in the customer experience.
• Actively seek feedback on our services to ensure they meet customer needs

Key service standards
• Benefit shall be paid accurately and within fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt of fully documented claim.
• We promise to resolve and respond to all queries and complaints raised in person, by letter, e-mail, telephone or through the website within 5 working days. In case the query is more complex and requires more time we shall advise the customer and set the appropriate deadline for resolution
• Monthly pension payments shall be credited to the respective pensioners’ bank accounts by 25th day of each month.
• Pensioners shall be issued with pensioners Identity Cards at the date of retiring
• Members shall be issued with annual member statement; they can also request for their balances through a text message containing the word BALANCE, and send to 30305 from their mobile phones or through the member self-service portal link on our website
• Members will be educated through education seminars and annual general meetings
• Communication to members will be done using member booklets, flyers, website, newsletter and other appropriate channels
• All tendering information shall be guided by Public Procurement Act.
• The Fund shall enter into service level agreement with suppliers within 30 days from date of tender award.
• Service providers and other vendors shall be paid within 14 days upon submission of invoice
• The Fund shall respond to complaints, queries and enquiries within 5 working days.

You can help us to meet our commitments to you by:
• being courteous, polite and respectful to our employees
• respecting the rights of other customers and provide courtesy towards them
• being open and honest with us by providing accurate, relevant and complete information when contacting us
• letting us know when your situation changes, for example, your contact telephone numbers, address or personal details change
• using appropriate channels for customer requests, complaints and compliments while using online social media channels for general dialogue
• contacting the employee referred on any correspondence sent to you and quoting the reference number – if applicable
• contacting the Fund to make an appointment if you have a personal or technical enquiry, or need to meet with a specific employee
• working with us to help solve problems
• telling us where we fall short on our service in any aspect so that we may improve our services to you
• helping us recognize our employees by telling us when you have received excellent customer service

We will measure and improve the quality of our service by:
• conducting regular customer satisfaction surveys and implementing the recommendations
• obtaining feedback from the customers using feedback forms and other appropriate channels
• implementing quality training and coaching activities for all our staff
• using key performance indicators in corporate planning to measure our performance
• recognising our staff for customer service delivery excellence

In the delivery of its services and customer care, the Fund will act in good faith to ensure its operations and
processes adhere to privacy principles, any applicable privacy laws and legislation, and protection of personal information from deliberate and unintended disclosure.
This will be achieved by use of relevant policies, continuous sensitization of staff, implementing access safeguards in physical filing areas, setting up of information security measures in our information systems and technology infrastructure to preclude unauthorised access, use or disclosure of personal information of our members.

As we strive to deliver exceptional customer service, we encourage you to provide feedback. Whether you have a request for action, a compliment or a complaint, we would like to hear from you. Refer to the section about ‘Contact Us’.

The Fund has established various social media channels through which communication can be enhanced.
In this respect, we commit to:
• Maintain our website with relevant and up-to-date information that is easily understood and accessible
• Post interesting, engaging, relevant and up-to-date information on our social media platforms that encourages interaction and feedback.
• Respond to enquiries and posts on our social media platforms in a timely and professional manner
• Keep up to date with online services and member engagement tools and trends
• Continuously review the Fund web-based and social media platforms to further engage and connect with our members and work on providing easy to use and best in class self-service facilities.

For an inquiry, complaint or suggestions in a Customer Feedback Form, please reach us through any of the
following means below:

Call Us On: 020 5029600/ 0711 082700
Visit Us at: Stima Plaza Annex, 3rd Floor, Kolobot Road Nairobi
E-mail to:
Write to us: The CEO & Trust Secretary,
Kenya Power Pension Fund,
P.O. Box 1548 – 00600,
Nairobi, Kenya

We are open from
7:45AM – 5:00PM, Monday to Thursday
7:45AM – 4:30PM, Fridays