The Kenya Power Pension Fund Scheme unveiled a new Logo and Brand on Thursday 6th March, 2014 @ Intercontinental Hotel. The Chief Guest was Dr. Edward Odundo, CEO of the Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA). This new brand is intended to help the Fund effectively communicate the Fund’s identity. As a Pension Fund, it is important that we ensure our brand’s core values and visual integrity are consistently communicated to our members. The Brand Essentials are:
• Accountability
We will always be accountable to our stakeholders and the public for our actions, decisions, and policies including their administration, governance and implementation.
• Courtesy
We give due respect to all the people we deal with and serve in a considerate manner.
• Efficiency
We will be guided by operational rationalization and cost saving measures
• Stewardship
We are dedicated to serving our members faithfully and ensuring that the assets entrusted to us are safeguarded.