Board Committees

Board committees are formed when it is efficient or necessary to facilitate effective decision-making. Committees focus on specific areas and take informed decisions within the framework of delegated authority and make specific recommendations to the Board on matters in their area of purview. The board’s present standing committees are:

 a) Risk & Audit Committee

The Committee’s responsibilities include;

1. Liaison and facilitation of both internal and external auditors for effective discharge of their
respective assignments
2. Monitoring and reviewing the integrity of the Fund’s financial statements
a. Reviewing the effectiveness and reliability of management information systems, risk and                internal controls systems
b. Oversight of the execution of the risk management strategies of the Fund
c. Advising the Board on ICT governance and related matters


Risk & Audit Committee members

  1. Kosgey Kolil                  –      Chairman
  2. Imelda Bore


b) Strategy, Finance and Investment Committee

The Committee’s responsibilities include;

a. To oversee the execute the strategic plan
b. To oversee the development and execution of the annual budget
c. To monitor implementation of the Investment Policy Statement
d. To advise the Board on appointment of fund managers, custodians and bankers.
e. To review and make recommendations to the Board on proposed new investments and capital           developments.
f. To monitor and evaluate the performance of fund managers

Strategy Finance & Investment Committee members

  1. Ernest Nadome –   Ag. Chairman       


c) Governance, HR & Compensation Committee

The Committee’s responsibilities include;

1. To oversee the governance and compliance matters of the Fund
2. To oversee the communication strategy of the Fund
3. Responsible for performance management, compensation and staff welfare                            4.              Orientation and induction of new Trustees
5. Ensuring the training and development of the Board of Trustees
6. Succession management of the CEO and senior management.

Governance , HR & Compensation Committee members

  1. Cecilia Kalungu – Chairperson
  2. Imelda Bore
  3. Ernest Nadome
  4. Kosgey Kolil


d) Project Implementation Committee

The Committee’s responsibilities include;

1. To oversee the implementation of projects in accordance with the directives and approvals
from the Board
2. To ensure that appropriate mechanisms are put in place to ensure close cooperation amongst
the consultants involved in the implementation of the projects
3. To give necessary advice, guidance and support to the project manager and the other
consultants on all project related matters to ensure that the project is well implemented
4. To report to the Board of Trustees on matters relating to the implementation of projects
5. To review sales and marketing strategies for the Funds projects

Project Implementation Committee (PIC) members

  1. Ernest Nadome Chairman
  2. Cecilia Kalungu